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    2. About US

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             Established in 1990, we are the first pvc sheet private enterprise of China and officially named SHANDONG JTC PLASTIC PRODUCT in 2000 .Company

               As a production and research enterprises, SHANDONG JTC has been the industry leader in the state.
      QQ؈D20160314111909.jpg  In 2002, Shandong JTC produced 30mm super thick extruded pvc sheet, first of China.
      QQ؈D20160314111909.jpg  In 2004, our company import pp production line, and can both produce pp board and pvc sheet.
       QQ؈D20160314111909.jpg In 2008, we are the fist Chinese company which could produce the extrusion pvc sheet with a maximum thickness of 50mm and 60mm.
       QQ؈D20160314111909.jpg In 2010, the company is committed to the development of cpvc sheet, and successful produced cpvc board up to 30mm.
       QQ؈D20160314111909.jpg In 2015, invest USD 1.5 million introduced HDPE PPH winding tank technology.
       QQ؈D20160314111909.jpg Our produce more and more, UPVC sheet, PVC Clear Sheet, PP board, HDPE board, LDPE Board, Tank, ect .
       QQ؈D20160314111909.jpg From 2007, Shandong JTC obtained export right and start export under self company name, our customer from more than 40 countries .
      Copyright: SHANDONG JTC PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO.,LTD TEL:0543-4226999 FAX:86-5434699666
      CONTACT MS. SHIRLY CHEN EMAIL: shirlychen@sdjtc.com.cn We Chat :13905431638
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